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Your Portable Building Specialist-  SUMMERTIME SAVINGS SALE HAPPENING NOW!!

Call or Email Katie anytime to discuss your next building- 608-935-0131/

Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods is happy to be a part of the Old Hickory Building Family.  Serving the area with quality, old fashioned, country tradition of barn building, using the same construction techniques and philosophies handed down from generation to generation among the Amish and Mennonite communities.  Kate's Bait & Sporting Goods has been a dealer since 2014, delivering all year round to people all over southern and central Wisconsin.  For more information on the Company, Old Hickory Buildings, feel free to check out their website at  We are the leading Portable Building Company in the industry!

Buildings on the lot, Shop Built Buildings or Build On Site Options:
If you stop out to Kate's Bait you will notice many sheds and cabins in the lot.  All are open for viewing and all are for sale unless marked Sold.  On lot buildings can be delivered in 7-10 business days after purchase.  If you don't see what you are looking, set up a time to talk with Katie.  We can Shop Build you the perfect building. There are many different styles, shapes and add-on's to choose from.  Building sizes range from 8x8 to 16x40. Shop Built Buildings are currently taking 4-6 weeks for delivery due to high demand.  Build on site options are available too.  Request a brochure!! Contact Katie at,  or call (608) 574-0311, to discuss options, work up a quote or set up a time to meet.

Currently on the lot:

8x12 Lofted Barn 

One 2x3 Window


Sale Price $3744.25

10x16 Lofted Barn

Three 2x3 Windows


Sale Price $5338.00

10x12 Lofted Barn

Three 2x3 Windows


Sale Price $4692.00

10x24 Utility Shed

Double Gable

Four 3x3 Windows



Sale Price $7028.00

10x12 Playhouse

Three 2x3 Windows


Sale Price $5028.00

10x16 Greenhouse

14 Windows

1/2 clear panel roof 



Sale Price $6627.80

Rent to Own.jpg

Free Delivery and Set-Up

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy or Rent To Own

No Credit Checks


Several Warranties Offered

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